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Asian American Hotel Owner's Association (AAHOA) PAC

As you know, AAHOA represents more than 14,000 members nationwide owning more than 20,000 hotels that total $128 billion in property value. AAHOA members employ 578,600 full- and part-time workers with a $9.4 billion payroll. Our largess membership and significant impact on the American economy creates a necessity for AAHOA to have a strong voice in Washington D.C. 

AAHOA is actively engaged in Washington D.C. and in local state public policy in an effort to have an influence on issues vital to the small business and hospitality industry. One of the important tools through which we advocate our pro-business agenda is AAHOA’s Political Action Committee (PAC). A political action committee is an entity that pools personal, voluntary financial contributions that in turn are donated to individuals seeking public office.

Since 2004, AAHOA PAC has succeeded in helping to elect pro-business candidates who will work in Washington D.C. and in state capitols to affect positive change on the hospitality industry. AAHOA members from across the country have contributed in bringing to office lawmakers who will ensure fair and balanced policies are in place to oversee prosperous growth in small businesses.

If you are interested in making a contribution to AAHOAPAC or would like more information, please contact AAHOAPAC Manager, Jordan Heiliczer at jordan@aahoa.com 

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